Nairobi by Bus!

[An Introduction] November 28th 2022, as I've been thoroughly reminded, was the last time the words I write found themselves on Manenoz. I'd like to tell you that in my hiatus I've been too busy to pick up a pencil and one of my many notebooks, but I feel like my guardian angel would shove … Continue reading Nairobi by Bus!



Our math teacher we called wise man for reasons I’d rather not get into. He was, and probably still is, the typical math teacher. The mwalimu niachie huyo kind. Clean shaven head, nerdy glasses, plaid shirt tucked neatly into his khakis with a belt, some ugly loafers and there was always an unmatching over-sized coat … Continue reading Happy

T-Time 2

"Stops?" I asked. "Petrol station, dry cleaners and supermarket," Aunty T replied strapping her seatbelt on the passenger side. "To or from?" "From, except the petrol station, my baby is running low on fuel." Picture, if you will, a calm sunny Saturday afternoon. We slowly made our way to the main road, joined it and … Continue reading T-Time 2

T Time

When she first told me she owns a club, part owner, I had a specific picture of that in mind. Her office in the top floor, over by the corner. Large metallic door. Huge curtainless windows from end to end on the side opposite the door. File cabinets everywhere. A single table. Fancy office chair. … Continue reading T Time