Sundials in the Shade

Men. That is enough of a statement to get me thinking about what goes on in their minds. I would want to pick their minds and understand what goes on between their ears. One scenario that never eludes my mind is when; our fathers are seated in the family get togethers silently nodding in agreement … Continue reading Sundials in the Shade


Say Cheese

We are the world (are the world)We are the children (are the children)We are the ones who’ll make a brighter day so let’s start giving (so let’s start giving)We are the World by Lionel Richie and various artists is a song I have grown fond of. The brighter the days become, the more this song … Continue reading Say Cheese

Dry Bones Dance

Nairobi ni shamba la mawe. There goes your favorite saying everytime the going gets tough. You definitely can't help but agree with that little voice that keeps reminding you that indeed, Nairobi is not an easy place to reside. It always props up at those times when: Caro "ate your fare", now you are looking … Continue reading Dry Bones Dance

INSIGNIFICANT OTHER: Breadcrumbing and the Glorification of the bare minimum.

It’s no secret that dating is currently a dumpster fire for the majority of people. And while everyone is caught in the frenzy of searching for a scapegoat to comfortably shove the blame on, the reality: that those dancing to the tune of toxicity are in a futile race to avoid the risks that inherently … Continue reading INSIGNIFICANT OTHER: Breadcrumbing and the Glorification of the bare minimum.