WAKILI & I; Poker, Tea and Music

It was our third or fourth time meeting. I don't know why she tagged along to game night, that particular one, and why she brought Sheila along with her. I know how that sounds, but I was just concerned that Sheila would get bored cause no one there would be willing to play candy crush … Continue reading WAKILI & I; Poker, Tea and Music


Interesting title, don't you think brother. Initially it was Hey Brother, but I figured you’d ignore it like you have all my previous ones, so I went with a title you would never resist. If Pops were sill around, he'd smack you if he knew where I picked you up from last night. I can … Continue reading AISHA


Have you ever wondered why the first letter of the alphabet and the first letter of the word alphabet are both a? You have, then you must be very insane and for that reason wendawazimu wote tupatane nyuma ya tent, nimewafichia soda kadhaa, and as we take them you’ll have to explain to me in … Continue reading Maybe