What Are The Odds?

There's this feeling I usually have at times when I feel everything is plain. Plain? More like how water tastes, you can't really describe it. Yet it's when I have this feeling that my mind tends to think of the most ludicrous subjects. Today that happened to be gambling. What led me to think of … Continue reading What Are The Odds?


Christmas Tree

It's that time of the year when most families wanna meet up and have some fun. For me, this year is quite different, actually the past two I've always been at home watching some series to kill time before the EPL resumes on the 26th. I've always liked it cool. During family meetings, I feel … Continue reading Christmas Tree

No Internet

It's usually when you watch a nice movie and there is about to be a major plot twist when the movie starts loading. At first, you think, "It's my Netflix tripping." That is not usually the case and you realize this the moment you hit the reload icon and you get bitch slapped with the … Continue reading No Internet


Growing up in the double 0’s, we all played police and robber, we’d all look for long curvy sticks to use as guns. We obviously didn’t call them glocks, choppers or any other fancy words, mabunde was the name. Honestly, that was the last time I ever thought I’d encounter mabundes. A couple of years … Continue reading Mabunde

Mboka Series

                                                       Mboka Serie’s Mteja Have you ever been robbed? I was robbed. It was more of snatching though😂. It was 10 pm dead in the night. I was going somewhere, and we all know where, not the exact place but you know what I mean. I wanted to order a boda they are fast. I … Continue reading Mboka Series