Phantom Pain

There is something that rom-com writers always forget to tell us. They dream up grand romantic gestures, kisses in the rain, slow-motion midstride hugs and all other sorts of “awwww” eliciting scenes that make the love centers of our brains light up brighter than an Indian household on Diwali. And then the credits roll, and … Continue reading Phantom Pain


Fever Dream

Memories are incredibly annoying things; I mean it’s Monday for god’s sake! It's 7 am in the morning, the lecturer is droning on about Transnational Corporations and Intermediary liabilities, I should be listening, I know I should, but my brain is so far away from this reality I might very well be a transnational corporation … Continue reading Fever Dream

Honest Henry

What if, just what if, people told the truth? Not once in a while, not just for the big things, not half-truths and shady truisms but the pure open (most likely hurtful) truth. Imagine a world of no white lies, no advertisements devised by marketers reminiscent of classic cartoon villains, no walking on eggshells around … Continue reading Honest Henry


I’m fresh from watching a video where, in an unfortunate sequence of events a lady jumped off a roof. A rather morbid way to start a story, I know, but who am I if not your cultured purveyor of emotions, and it would seem that, after avoiding it for so long , its finally time … Continue reading JADED