INSIGNIFICANT OTHER: Breadcrumbing and the Glorification of the bare minimum.

It’s no secret that dating is currently a dumpster fire for the majority of people. And while everyone is caught in the frenzy of searching for a scapegoat to comfortably shove the blame on, the reality: that those dancing to the tune of toxicity are in a futile race to avoid the risks that inherently … Continue reading INSIGNIFICANT OTHER: Breadcrumbing and the Glorification of the bare minimum.

Honest Henry

What if, just what if, people told the truth? Not once in a while, not just for the big things, not half-truths and shady truisms but the pure open (most likely hurtful) truth. Imagine a world of no white lies, no advertisements devised by marketers reminiscent of classic cartoon villains, no walking on eggshells around … Continue reading Honest Henry


The number of times you expressed your desire to “break patterns” soon became sickening. But wonderfully, it held up properly in its own way. You indeed, found yourself a new obsession and muse, and you unabashedly revelled in dwelling on and fantasising about it. First, there was the fact that you were totally blindsided. By … Continue reading Perspective

So Hukuji?

“So hukuji?!” It was more of an aggravation than a question as he mistakenly hurled a half-full tumbler of tap water across the bedsitter apartment and onto a four by six spring bed in the corner. One could almost perceive the soul being sucked out of his being following the confirmed disappointment after receiving the … Continue reading So Hukuji?

What are we?

Smacking his sinfully chapped lips, whose size attempt successfully to remind you and me of a pair of Festive buns, he placed his ashy elbows atop the kitchen counter and cupped his round, beardless face, allowing his beady eyes the pleasure of watching her amble lackadaisically in her apartment. It was one of the many … Continue reading What are we?

A Letter To You

There are times when all my edges soften and becomes pure poetry, … Only excuse for not writing is my mood, …at times I feel caged … all walls and darkness…still creeping me out, every second turning to minutes space starts getting small… somehow every scream turns to dust…. air slim and all I can … Continue reading A Letter To You