Kwani Niko Nchi Ingine?

That there are many ways to kill a rat is an indubitable fact of life. A headshot or two can accomplish the task. Stabbing the poor rodent in a situation where proximity in a bloody ordeal appeals to the senses gets the job done too. However, choking precedes all the mentioned solutions, when you think … Continue reading Kwani Niko Nchi Ingine?


" I've looked everywhere, I can't find Jerry" Behind our house was a little grove of trees that led into a larger forest. My parents tried to fence the compound but we always found a way to sneak out. My brother and his friends used to take to a little stream deep in that forest … Continue reading Hapi

The Bad Place

In a long-forgotten time of past, a forlorn, indiscernible figure could be seen trekking through what could not be aptly described as a woodland nor a coastline. It just was. It “just was” in many ways because people had tired of speaking of it in whispers while simultaneously not putting a name to it. The … Continue reading The Bad Place

Face Value

“I’m an ass man. “ “Naah bro its boobs for me. “ Now of course, I, your cultured purveyor of random thoughts in sweet sweet, braincell killing packages am not as boorish as to partake in such objectifying conversation, but for the sake of perspective, you can label me an ass man. (For academic proposes … Continue reading Face Value


Part I. Whenever I sit down to write a piece, whatever it is that crosses my mind I’ll do it longhand. I like writing things longhand. I find it that a computer depicts my sketchy thoughts as tidy when It’s clearly the opposite. If you chance to find my rough sketches of my handwritten half-baked … Continue reading Desperation