You know it’s been a good day when you find yourself dancing to “The Wake-Up Call with Grauchi” that’s blazing through the premium membranes of your Xiaomi Bluetooth Earbuds as you head home from Clabu. Home is Chiromo; a step up from the shady life you lived at Hall 16’s Mamlaka A hostel. There you … Continue reading CLOSURE BY SARUSH.

Manenoz Podcast!

Hey guys, it’s been a minute, hasn’t it? Bado niko. COVID has still not been able to finish me. Yet. Niko na homa though, those strong homas that don’t go away. You know them right? Zile you contract from sharing a chrome mzinga when taking shots za kumaliza semester. Yes those ones. I hear that … Continue reading Manenoz Podcast!


Yow. It’s been a minute my G’s. How are you? Last I was here we were deep into Sauti Sol and BnB and Bambam things. I mean, quite a long time innit? Yaani, so much has happened. Second lockdown here at home, BBI is seemingly dead, another year is down without getting laid, jokes- not … Continue reading Tinder

Wash That BAMBAM!

“Shake your bambam, kwenda sukuma! Shake your bambam, kwenda sukuma! Shake your bambam, kwenda sukuma! Shake your bambam, hapooo!” You know I love Sauti Sol. So much. I write about them. I sing their songs. I tweet about them. And believe me, this is not one of those ati I don’t know why I love … Continue reading Wash That BAMBAM!


There’s something about making mistakes. Mistakes occur all the time. But you see, a mistake made in private isn’t such big of a deal. You’ll submit the wrong answer for a question privately to your teacher and it’ll only be you and he would know that you’re struggling with Data Structures and Algorithm. You’ll cook … Continue reading Bi-tentional

I Smile

I find myself smiling. Alone. A lot. When I’m walking behind a couple whose hands swing so close to each other; some swings make their hands touch and other swings just – ammm swing by. My smile broadens especially when the hands touch then each holds the other. The holding of hands. So intimate yet … Continue reading I Smile


Look how you’re making my ice cream melt with your hotness. Hotness? Heat. Heat sounds better. Look how you’re making my ice cream melt with your heat you hot human. Katerina. I have come to take some Wings at Chicken Inn as I come up with my new Story with Saruuussshhhh. It has been a … Continue reading Katerina

My First Time

Even as I write this today, almost nine months later, I can vividly remember how nervous I was. I could feel my anxiety slowly building up. I was trembling more than usual. My palms were extra sweaty. They are always sweaty for some reason, and cold too. Even on hot days. Even when I’m wearing … Continue reading My First Time

Dear Crush,

Don’t have time to read? Listen to the story from here. Hey. Probably I should have done this a couple of years ago. 11 to be precise. 2009- When I cared less about people’s opinions and shame was nothing but a passing cloud. That time when none of us had been through the fire of … Continue reading Dear Crush,


PART 3 …continued I could not take in more of what Father was saying. I regretted even asking him to narrate the story in the first place. He disgusted me. The world could definitely do without people like him. People who realize the vulnerability of the human will and take advantage of the weak. Why … Continue reading Atonement.

Reverse Confessions…

Continued… A FEW YEARS EARLIER: “Father,” “Yes my dear,” “Before my confession what is it that I should say?” I stammered. “In the name of the Father…,”he started and I rushed to catch up with him in perhaps the most powerful signing in the world of faith. “How long has it been since your last … Continue reading Reverse Confessions…

Man of the Glock!

“Man of the cloak! Meet the man with Glock! You’re going to pay for what you’ve done. You pig! Filthy Pig!” The hypocrite was sweating profusely. Maybe I didn’t even have to blow his brains out. He’d probably drown in a pool of his own sweat and fake tears. Maybe also urine? Had he shit … Continue reading Man of the Glock!

Mchovya Asali…

Part 3. “Anne!” I gasped, jumping away from Saatvik’s firm grip on my goodies. How had she gotten to Hall IX and back that fast? My heart was throbbing out of control. Not only was I trembling, but suddenly I felt all my internal organs melt out of their positions. Anne stood at the doorway, … Continue reading Mchovya Asali…

Mchovya Asali …

Part 2 recap… “Well, I have to leave Julie. It’s been a pleasure getting to know each other well.” I was still lost in his wide eyes. He leaned in for a hug. Why not? I stood up and got engulfed within his wide chest and masculine arms. I could feel the air under my … Continue reading Mchovya Asali …

Mchovya Asali …

Part 1 Hey Saruni, My name is Julie (not her real name) and my first year experience was far from my expectations. After getting admitted into a world class University that supposedly offers scholarly excellence, I thought that my dream of becoming a top Veterinary doctor in Kenya would morph into a reality. Never have … Continue reading Mchovya Asali …