No. It's not the one you think it is. The one who leaves you in her sleek black Harrier at the parking lot outside a shoe store in Kilimani to go get you one pair of Nike sneakers (courtesy of bowing to the ‘pressure’ of spotting King'ori sporting a pair he bought from a crafty … Continue reading Wamama


TAO-CHINESE CLASSICAL TEXTS Heaviness is the basis of lightness.Stillness is the standard of activity.Thus the Master travels all day without ever leaving her wagon.Even though she has much to see, is she at peace in her indifference.Why should the lord of a thousand chariots be amused at the foolishness of the world?If you abandon yourself … Continue reading


Our math teacher we called wise man for reasons I’d rather not get into. He was, and probably still is, the typical math teacher. The mwalimu niachie huyo kind. Clean shaven head, nerdy glasses, plaid shirt tucked neatly into his khakis with a belt, some ugly loafers and there was always an unmatching over-sized coat … Continue reading Happy