Nairobi by Bus!

[An Introduction] November 28th 2022, as I've been thoroughly reminded, was the last time the words I write found themselves on Manenoz. I'd like to tell you that in my hiatus I've been too busy to pick up a pencil and one of my many notebooks, but I feel like my guardian angel would shove … Continue reading Nairobi by Bus!


So Hukuji

"So hukuji?" I asked after hanging up, biting my lower lip. "How could... how could she!" I lamented jeremiacally, if there is anything like that. Triza Triza,you tell me to iza, no pun intended though. Newsflash! Triza was my first girlfriend. Nature had, in the past, had tried to link me with Triza countless times … Continue reading So Hukuji