See, I now wage war with my thoughts, A terftie between the new and the old, Trying to resurrect my old The new holds me abonde of the present, What I’m I? What I’m I becoming? I co-exist with the fear of self doubt, What will they call me? What will they perceive about me? … Continue reading Abonde

Thoughts Of A Philosopher

Thoughts of a philosopher, Depressing yet so utopian, Is knowledge a blessing? Or is it a curse? The more you understand, the more tormented you become. Madness and wisdom are like twins Wisdom will lead you into sorrow, Sorrow will lead you into madness, But it is better to be wise than to be a … Continue reading Thoughts Of A Philosopher


In a few seconds I’ll tell you a tale As time flies by it won’t remain stale There once was a person who broke alot He had a few pieces but nothing he got He tried some fixes but all in vain The wind flew by and his pieces were slain He met some people … Continue reading AGAIN

African Creed

I believe in one Africa The mother of the black man And in one sprit of freedom Which unites all happy people. I believe that Africa Was and will always be A home of happy and united people She died during colonial epoch, She rose again in a new life Only to find, Then, she … Continue reading African Creed

What If

What if life was endless?Wil you yearn for another after death?What if there was no light at the end of the tunnel?Will you keep walking in darkness?And what if darkness decided to face light?Watch as the sun approaches to start a fight.So what if second chances didn’t exist?Will forgiveness be a miracle to be performed?Answer … Continue reading What If

Eternal Love

Lips first, then tongue interlockYou are the charm of my luckcome down let’s have a danceMy Medusa, you froze me with your glance You are my addiction and elixirMy universe and my foreverWhat a blissful feeling is it to hold your handAnd the sweetness of your lips, no one can understand We shall build our … Continue reading Eternal Love

Beautifully Broken Momma

Drawn by sapienceA unique definition of sexy,The curves internalFlaws relatableAttractions peculiar Only she can explainThe hotness below the freezing pointThe chill above the boiling pointThe world she createsShe lives here- sexy in her own definition It was an illusionA spark for the momentAn existence just for todayJust like it came, it vanishedWe were left with … Continue reading Beautifully Broken Momma