Hujambooo msikilizaaaji…na karibu kwa yaliyotendeeeka…leo tunaangazia…” proceeded the radio presenter, whose name still remains a mystery regardless of his rather interesting delivery being etched into my mind to date. It was always right after the seven o’clock evening news presented by the vocally therapeutic Jeridah Andayi, which preceded the Maumbile segment, one that left me amazed or visibly shaken, depending on the ‘did you know of that particular day. Thereafter, Kamau Munyua would step in with Porojo, with much repetition and insistence placed on the programme slogan, ‘Hakuna kulala…ni porojo’ as he went on doing what he did best lullingly.

The latest cricket locked the worm outside and the earliest bird caught it in the form of Chapa Kazi, whereby, if you ask me, that sauti ya kazi must have been a lion roaring be that as it may the ‘correct’ answer was a moving tractor. Mambo Mseto’s Willy M.Tuva alias mzazi had me drifting off to sleep often after consuming a generous portion of pilau njeri, waking up amid banter proudly sponsored by Tina Ogal and Munai Generali (read as njenelali) in the one and only Drive On Reloaded.

Good times and great hits. If you know, you know. Where do I start? Maina and King’ang’i in the morning. Ah! I have said it all already, haven’t I? I see your truuue colours…that’s why I love you…et al. See. You get me. That’s why I looove you. Yeah. That’s why we’re friends like that.

Well, the truth is you probably will never receive a hundred smooches in your lifetime, maybe already have, but most likely never have and never will. Either way, just know that the word kiss and the number one-hundred have ever teamed up to form a source of music, whose lyrics often found their ways into notebooks and were sung during breaktimes and dedicated to crushes in cases where one was ‘enlightened’ to think of having one and even lucky to have one and be had in return.

The Nairobian. Ainea Bolingo.

(fishes out plain white handkerchief from shallow jumper pocket, weeping in premium nostalgia pro max)

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