Women in power. (WEEP) 

Aah, women! God’s most beautiful creation. Before you come for me with the, “we are all image bearers of God or fear women”, trust me, I got you. Women have been an enigma that send many young men and even old men into an eternal quagmire. Especially the ones who are still determined to figure out the complexity of this sample of God’s creation. Some have resigned to the fact that women are useless, others have understood that without women all power and hope is lost. Haven’t you heard the young men who are still vigorous and full of life swear in their own wisdom that they would not dare be caught in a party without any shawries? 

I digress, however, women are powerful. How they get to use their power varies on the basis of circumstances more than that of necessity. Hence, one man’s poison is another man’s treasure. Let’s meet Sasha who is also known as Fierce. Her real name is Favor Njeri. She prefers the name Sasha and for extra spice refer to the line above. Not many know her real name because, in her world, there are standards to uphold. God forbid anyone catch her slacking. If you get a glimpse of her on the days of humility, she is a down to earth comedian with a clean heart. She can effortlessly make you laugh without even raising an eye muscle. She will have you revealing your deepest needs because she is extremely empathetic and patient, she knows and understands the woes of life and her warm touch turns every pot of mud into a pot of gold. For a moment, you are reminded of your mother back home. Her heavenly meals and endless check ups. The neatness and beauty of her home create a safe haven for your worries and your strife. At the center of her living room is a beautiful poster with three words: Peace, Be still. 

Don’t get too comfortable. Before you sit back, relax and enjoy the ride, fasten your seatbelt because this is not your average Toyota (and if you can’t relate, Foot subishi will do) this is a rollercoaster ride. 

Sasha is tired of the constant expectations set on her ever since she was a child. First, it was going to school and don’t cry, you are not a baby anymore. Two, don’t get in trouble because bad girls should not be taken to school. Three, no boyfriends are allowed, you have to remain a virgin till the day of marriage. Four, “What is puberty?” Don’t ask silly questions at home. Five, her friends at school think she is not pretty enough so there’s no pretty privilege. Six, always be a top performer, get good grades, go to the best schools, earn your degree, get a decent job, send money back home and be the flower of our community. By her maker’s grace, she made it to six. Seven…oh but seven! She can’t make it to seven, No! She can’t complete to seven. This is where the rubber met the road and made her “Fierce”. 

At the workplace, her faithful mannerisms to time, decency and authority got her favor and met her beholder. Meet James Okumu aka Mazgwembe. A short staunch man with strong legs and a quizzical look. His eyes always darting looking for the next prey. He is charming, swift and did I mention strong? His looks not so much but his words softer than butter, sharper than your brigade’s pen knife and swifter than Hart the Band. His wallet never runs dry, call it Jacob’s well if you wish. 

Favor meets her number seven. Sasha feels that this could be her breakthrough, just maybe, God knew what her real wants and needs were. Finally, she could create her own Garden of Eden with this God-sent Adam in her place of work. 

Will Favor eat the forbidden fruit? Will she share the fruit with this man of authority and statute, God’s favorite, her extra rib? Will she find her breakthrough or do we already know the answer? Does the story end or is this one of those Bold and beautiful stories that never die? 

I can never be a judge or jury. Today you might meet Sasha and stay away from women. Choose to take it personally and nurture your anger. Go to Andrew Kibe’s YouTube page, type furiously about how a Kinuthia you are and even go ahead and receive whips on your own account. Tomorrow you would meet Favor and stay hopeful. Walk with a smile to your destination. Even have a few stray thoughts about how you would want a sister, a daughter or a wife like Favor. Not all gold is meant to glitter, sometimes gold is made to be polished and maintained. Women in power also weep. 

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