Manenoz Podcast!

Hey guys, it’s been a minute, hasn’t it? Bado niko. COVID has still not been able to finish me. Yet. Niko na homa though, those strong homas that don’t go away. You know them right? Zile you contract from sharing a chrome mzinga when taking shots za kumaliza semester. Yes those ones. I hear that flu is for teaching you lessons. Lest you forget. Anyway, I’m alive. So you can still shoot your shot, Jennifer. I’m giving you time.

So, today I’m not here with a story. I have news. Manenoz is now more than a year old and I just wanted to thank you three people for always reading my posts and posts by the ten other writers we have on board. You guys help us keep going by providing a loyal fan base. Thank you very much. To celebrate this, we will be having our Manenoz Merchandise on sale from September. The merch includes t-shirts and mugs for now, but with time, we may go into journals and notebooks and stationery generally. We are writers anyway. Photos of these will go online on our Facebook and Instagram pages, so you could check on them and place your order to support us!

So, just recently, I went online and asked you guys to suggest to me your favorite podcasts out there and some of you actually reached out. Some of you gave me the treatment Lorine gave me during workshop. So let me tell you about Lorine real quick. You know me. Sarush, or Roosh as you call me these days you weirdos. I’m that guy. Cool, easy, approachable, funny? All that good stuff. I was in the same Workshop team with this mama called Lorine. She was everything you’d want in a mama. She smelled nice. Like cocoa butter with a touch of strawberry. She looked even better than she smelled. She was of petite height, had those black dreadlocks with brown tips and, get this, spectacles with round Ray Ban frames. White teeth. Pink lips. Fresh breath. She had an amazing body. And for the one week we were at KICC for the innovation workshop, she wore black tights. Oh! The thigh gap! Yikes. She was perfect. But her attitude was as ugly as an old toad.

On the first day of workshop, we didn’t sit close to each other. We were actually nowhere close to each other. She was at the very front of the hall. I was in my natural habitat. Hukoo nyuma where noise and mini militia matches ruled. But I noticed her. And I could not help steal one or two glances. So the hunt began. Day two, I moved two rows closer. Day three I stood behind her in the refreshments line, and said hi. She didn’t say hi back probably because she was in earphones. I thought. But on Thursday, I sat next to her and she didn’t say hi back- with no earphones. Oh! She also picked her bag and moved to a different table. Life!

Anyway, some of you saw my post and gave me the Lorine treatment. And probably you are asking, how did you know her name? We had nametags. How did you know her breath was fresh? Well, we have later met again where the freshness of breath is vital. Story for another day. As I was saying, some of you sent in your recommendations, and I have written this piece to share the list with you, in addition to these fantastic news.

We as Manenoz are in the process of acquiring equipment to start our own podcast! All I can share so far is the fact that it will be available probably by November if everything goes to plan and we get the much needed support from you guys. The podcast will be 15 minutes long with content never heard of before. Trust us. We’ll be unique. And it’ll be available on streaming platforms as well as on our website!

So without wasting much time: These are the podcasts sent in by you guys. Be sure to be coming back to this post as the list will be updated frequently. Each entry is a hyperlink, so you can just click on the name and it’ll direct you to the site. Enjoy.

I’ll start with a shameless plug of one of my all-time favorite podcasts, by one of my YouTube celebrity crushes – Wabosha Maxine. She has just recently released Letters to my Younger Self in which she shares letters written by our favorite idols to their younger versions of themselves. The podcast is just 100 bob and you can get to listen to and watch it by clicking here. It’s worth the 100 bob. Worth way more!

  1. Hadithi/hadithi (personal favorite)
  2. Legally Clueless.
  3. The Cyco Podcast.
  4. Bored cast by GK Nyambura
  5. Morbid
  6. Tech basics
  7. Laid bare.
  8. TED talks daily.
  9. Call her daddy.
  10. The mics are open.
  11. The Good, the Bad and the Busherian.
  12. Down to Earth with the Burucharas
  13. Mindful Mali
  14. Hide out
  15. The Sandwich podcast
  16. How I died
  17. On being
  18. The Roommates Podcast
  19. Jesus and Jollof
  20. Elevation with Steve Furtick
  21. Ms Enlighten
  22. DOPE radio
  23. Shark tank Fan podcast.
  24. Ronron pod
  25. Socially profiled
  26. The soulty sister podcast.
  27. The messy in-between

That’s the list so far. I have listened to most if not all of them already, and I assure you, they are absolutely entertaining and informative. Feel free to add to the list by commenting down below.

See you in the next posts!


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